VVE Competition at PATTS

The academic staff at PATTS College of Aeronautics have run a competition to identify the best practitioner of radar control skills as taught in the VV Enroute training course.

Their instructor, Sed Hendrix Tan, is pictured (leftmost) with the winners (left to right), Luis Duamel Duque Aguero, Eric Dela Cruz Pada Jr and Eugene Abrigo Merle.

Visual Vectoring congratulates all the winners and participants and hope that their experience with VVE has been instructive and fun.

VV and ATS finalise partnership deal

Visual Vectoring and Air Traffic Solutions(ATS) have signed a partnership agreement to jointly provide ATC training and safety services.


ATS offers a comprehensive range of Air Traffic Management services that facilitate efficient and safe operations for the aviation industry. This capability complements the training and software products offered by Visual Vectoring. We look forward to a fruitful partnership.

New VV CompSep Lessons

The VVCompSep lessons have been edited and updated to communicate an even better analysis of the CompSep problem. The training material is now divided into four lessons that provide an effective means of developing a sound decision-making regime.

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Click the movie below to view some sample content:

Partnership with Air Traffic Solutions

Efficient, safe, secure and responsible operations for the aviation industry worldwide

Air Traffic Solutions (ATS) delivers a comprehensive range of Air Traffic Management services that facilitate efficient, safe, secure and responsible operations for the aviation industry worldwide.


VV have entered discussions with ATS to explore partnership opportunities in the delivery of innovative air traffic control training and consulting services.

VV to provide Airservices Australia with Compromised Separation Response Training Technology

VV has signed an agreement with Airservices Australia to provide competency-based compromised separation response training (VV Compsep) to Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) in both enroute and terminal area environments.

A compromised separation event is when there is a likelihood that without immediate action the minimum required separation standard between two aircraft will not be maintained.

The VV Compsep tool has been developed by VV based on industry feedback. This computer-based simulation enables ATCs to practice their verbal and cognitive responses to compromised separation events in a safe environment. The VV CompSep program presents to the ATC a sequence of scenarios, each of which requires an immediate response in the form of precise trajectory-changing instructions to one or both aircraft. Speech recognition technology brings added realism to the process.

Click the movie below to view some sample content.

Sample VVE Content Online

The VVE Team is working on making the lesson and demonstration content available as a stream, rather than as a playable movie accessed from the local hard drive. This will enable customised version of VV Enroute to be created and maintained dynamically, independent of any installation process.

The movie below is a sample lesson, which contains instructional material on sequencing multiple aircraft through an arrivals gate. In the VVE course, the lesson is followed by a demonstration movie showing practical application of the new techniques. The student is then able to practice on the VV Simulator.

VVE in use for Abu Dhabi trainees

The VV Enroute (VVE) Course is being used for students from GCAA Abu Dhabi.

VV Visits Airways, September 2016

These students are undertaking introductory ICAO 054/055 training at Airways New Zealand's training facilities in Christchurch.

VVE is being used as a means of refining vectoring skills prior to the students undertaking field training in the very busy airspace of the Middle East.

VV Sim with Firefox

Online use of the VV Simulator is now available with the Mozilla Firefox browser with the simple installation of an add-on. Click here for details of how to make this work.

VV Student Tracking Development

VVST data from VV Enroute

Graphic Data of Student Metrics from VVST

The VV Student Tracking program enables training providers to analyse and compare student performance based on metrics reported by the simulator software. Previously, this program has been packaged with VV Approach, but it has now been extended to be included with new versions of VV Enroute and soon to VV CompSep.

VV CompSep Development

Following feedback from evaluators in Hong Kong and Australia, the training content within the VV CompSep package will be expanded to include a response to predictive conflict (PCA/STCA) alerts.

This will improve the safety outcomes for ANSPs undertaking the program, in that correct responses by controllers will lead to fewer and less severe reductions (losses of separation).