VV CompSep version 1.1.3 released

An update of VV CompSep designed especially for Airservices Australia has been released.

Version 1.1.3 contains a new feature to allow the individual selection of particular scenarios. This feature will allow particular competencies to be reviewed and tested.

In addition, the capability to train the speech recognition engine on ATC phrasing has been included. This will improve recognition and learning outcomes.

Visit to NATMB Beijing

The VV Team paid a visit to Capital Airport in Beijing to discuss training and technical issues with the ATC management and staff at North Air Traffic Management Bureau (NATMB).

We were welcomed by Yan Xiaodong (Deputy Director General) and were given the opportunity to demonstrate VV CompSep to Mr Luo Qiao Guang (Deputy Director, Terminal Control Division) and other staff.

The expert training specialists at ATMB were able to give us some useful feedback, and an insight into their own training for a response to a Compromised Separation event.

VV to provide Airservices Australia with Compromised Separation Response Training Technology

VV has signed an agreement with Airservices Australia to provide competency-based compromised separation response training (VV Compsep) to Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) in both enroute and terminal area environments.

A compromised separation event is when there is a likelihood that without immediate action the minimum required separation standard between two aircraft will not be maintained.

The VV Compsep tool has been developed by VV based on industry feedback. This computer-based simulation enables ATCs to practice their verbal and cognitive responses to compromised separation events in a safe environment. The VV CompSep program presents to the ATC a sequence of scenarios, each of which requires an immediate response in the form of precise trajectory-changing instructions to one or both aircraft. Speech recognition technology brings added realism to the process.

Click the movie below to view some sample content.

VV CompSep Development

Following feedback from evaluators in Hong Kong and Australia, the training content within the VV CompSep package will be expanded to include a response to predictive conflict (PCA/STCA) alerts.

This will improve the safety outcomes for ANSPs undertaking the program, in that correct responses by controllers will lead to fewer and less severe reductions (losses of separation).