Guangzhou Civil Aviation Academy expands

The Civil Aviation Academy in Guangzhou, China currently provides a range of courseware in aviation management, planning and safety.

It is planned that the academy will expand rapidly in the next two years to become a full aviation university.

The VV team visited Guangzhou last week and were warmly welcomed by Mr Hu and Mr Zhang of the School of Airport Management. We concluded that VV software could have a role in enhancing the pool of knowledge currently held by teaching staff.

CAUC Tianjin introduces new simulation technology

Students undertaking courses in Air Traffic Management at the Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) in Tianjin will have access to state-of-the-art simulation technology, with the university planning to acquire new Tower and Surveillance simulation systems.

The new facilities will include a large computer-based training room, in which students will practice their skills in english language delivery and basic ATC techniques.

The VV Team visited CAUC last week to showcase improvements to the VV Enroute and VV Approach courses to allow better student tracking and performance management.

We were honoured to meet the professorial team and undertake a tour of arguably the largest ATC training facility in the world.

VV Simulator to accept Chinese instructions

The VV development team is working on including equipping the VV Simulator with new functionality to enable speech instructions to be issued in English, Chinese or a combination of both. This will enable us to deliver custom training to Chinese clients that targets training for a local area or competency. A priority will be to convert our Compromised Separation training module for use in China.

The screencap below shows a portion of the VV Exercise Create program, with entry of Chinese telephonies available.

Screencap of the VV Exercise Create program

GCAA Abu Dhabi Trainees take to VV Enroute

GCAA trainees vector aircraft around a complex maze

A group of trainees from GCAA Abu Dhabi have made use of the VV Enroute training course as part of their introductory surveillance training conducted by Airways Training in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Over three days this week, the trainees developed strong formative skills in radar vectoring, scanning, conflict detection and task management.

Visit to AFL Fiji

The VV team has visited the AFL Training Academy in Nadi, Fiji, to induct a group of instructors into the comprehensive VV Approach training program. The candidates, all experienced controllers, showed no difficulty in acquiring the rudiments of surveillance control.

AFL are planning a transition to surveillance within parts of their airspace in the next few months.

Visit to CAUC Tianjin

Members of the VV Team have paid a visit to the Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) in Tianjin. CAUC graduates around 300 prospective Air Traffic Control candidates every year, making it one of the largest ATC training facilities in the world. The ATC training section have recently moved into very impressive new buildings on campus, with state-of the-art facilities in training-delivery and simulation.

We were welcomed and hosted by Mr Liu Yongshin, Dean Assistant at CAUC College of Air Traffic Management. He introduced us to some of the ATC instructional team (below), and allowed us to demonstrate our range of innovative training products. It was a most enjoyable visit.

Some of the expert ATC instructors at CAUC Tianjin

Some of the expert ATC instructors at CAUC Tianjin

Visit to NATMB Beijing

The VV Team paid a visit to Capital Airport in Beijing to discuss training and technical issues with the ATC management and staff at North Air Traffic Management Bureau (NATMB).

We were welcomed by Yan Xiaodong (Deputy Director General) and were given the opportunity to demonstrate VV CompSep to Mr Luo Qiao Guang (Deputy Director, Terminal Control Division) and other staff.

The expert training specialists at ATMB were able to give us some useful feedback, and an insight into their own training for a response to a Compromised Separation event.

VVE Competition at PATTS

The academic staff at PATTS College of Aeronautics have run a competition to identify the best practitioner of radar control skills as taught in the VV Enroute training course.

Their instructor, Sed Hendrix Tan, is pictured (leftmost) with the winners (left to right), Luis Duamel Duque Aguero, Eric Dela Cruz Pada Jr and Eugene Abrigo Merle.

Visual Vectoring congratulates all the winners and participants and hope that their experience with VVE has been instructive and fun.

VV and ATS finalise partnership deal

Visual Vectoring and Air Traffic Solutions(ATS) have signed a partnership agreement to jointly provide ATC training and safety services.


ATS offers a comprehensive range of Air Traffic Management services that facilitate efficient and safe operations for the aviation industry. This capability complements the training and software products offered by Visual Vectoring. We look forward to a fruitful partnership.

New VV CompSep Lessons

The VVCompSep lessons have been edited and updated to communicate an even better analysis of the CompSep problem. The training material is now divided into four lessons that provide an effective means of developing a sound decision-making regime.

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