VV Sim with Firefox

Online use of the VV Simulator is now available with the Mozilla Firefox browser with the simple installation of an add-on. Click here for details of how to make this work.

VV Student Tracking Development

VVST data from VV Enroute

Graphic Data of Student Metrics from VVST

The VV Student Tracking program enables training providers to analyse and compare student performance based on metrics reported by the simulator software. Previously, this program has been packaged with VV Approach, but it has now been extended to be included with new versions of VV Enroute and soon to VV CompSep.

VV CompSep Development

Following feedback from evaluators in Hong Kong and Australia, the training content within the VV CompSep package will be expanded to include a response to predictive conflict (PCA/STCA) alerts.

This will improve the safety outcomes for ANSPs undertaking the program, in that correct responses by controllers will lead to fewer and less severe reductions (losses of separation).

Unite 2015

The VV Team attended the Unite 2015 conference in Melbourne, and learned much about the direction of games development and how this may apply to business and training technology. There are exciting times ahead.

Visit to CAFUC, Guanghan

Testing and Training Centre

Last week, we visited the huge campus of CAFUC in Guanghan, China. Here, we discussed the application of Visual Vectoring training technologies and were hosted to a wonderful lunch at the Testing and Training Centre. Pictured above is Ivy Liu (Aviation Consultant and VV Agent), Ainslie Rowland (VV), Director Pan (CAFUC), and Michael Rowland (VV).

Stack Module Under Development

A module for training in the processing of air traffic in holding patterns is under development as an add-on for the VV Enroute™ training course.

This module is titled Stack and will enhance skills already attained in the Diamond sequencing module. In particular, Stack provides instruction in:

  • Sequencing into the holding pattern;
  • Maintaining separation into, out of and within the pattern;
  • Managing an orderly exit from the pattern for specified trails through a gate;
  • Delivery of appropriate phaseology for managing holding.

    These are skills that are difficult to attain and practice, and the VV Simulator is ideal for this purpose. Though training is presented in a generic airspace, rotation of the airspace allows the holding pattern to be presented in any orientation. Regional variations in phraseology and procedures are supported in simulation.

    Contact us for more information.

    Visit to PATTS College of Aeronautics

    Induction to VV Enroute

    The VV Team has paid an enjoyable visit to PATTS College of Aeronautics in Manila to induct a group of eight instructors into the use of the VV Enroute training program.

    PATTS intends to include VV Enroute in its BS Air Transportation program in the first instance, with the possibility that students from other programs will have access to the software. Use of VV Enroute will both raise awareness of the nature of control work and provide candidates with skills to give them an advantage should they decide to pursue a career in Air Traffic Control.

    We were made to feel most welcome by President Valdez, Vice President Naval and Chairperson Amores. It was a privilege to visit such an outstanding facility.

    Induction to VV Enroute

    Remote ATC Coaching across 16000km

    Screen cap of departing aircraft

    This morning we ran a trial of our expanded simulator capability involving remote coaching. A student's sim session in Melbourne was observed by a instructor in Italy. Using shadow mode and VOIP technology the instructor will be able to monitor performance, interact with the display, record the screen, and compile an assessment report in real time, from anywhere in the world.

    The instructor is not merely looking at a screencast of the simulator session. He/she is running an independent instance of the simulator displaying streamed data from the student's computer. The instructor has the ability to access and observe all flight data components.

    Completion of Compromised Separation Module Beta Test

    Over the last six weeks we have made available the first module of the VV TRUCE program to industry experts for evaluation. As a result of their input we have made some changes to the content and delivery mechanism for Compromised Separation training. The result is a course that provides:

  • A robust methodology for the reaction to a Compromised Separation event; and
  • The ability to practice and perfect this reaction
  • The online mode of online delivery has the attendant advantage of being able to provide automatic reporting of progress and of performance outcomes.

    Thanks to all those involved.

    Visit to Myanmar

    Mr Win Swe Tun and Mr Tike Aung host the VV Team in Yangon


    The VV team has visited Myanmar to induct a group of ATC instructors into the use of the VV Approach training program. We were made to feel very welcome by the Director General, Mr Win Swe Tun and by the Director (Air Navigation Safety), Mr Tike Aung. The visit was arranged and hosted by Suntac Technologies.


    Instructors undertaking induction into VV Approach


    The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Myanmar will introduce Surveillance Approach services to Yangon, and is planning to use VV Approach as a bridging course for experienced procedural Approach controllers. In addition to discussing this process, the VV team and DCA specialists exchanged ideas on ATC training techniques and safety training.

    A highlight of our time in Yangon was a tour of the DCA academy, ATC Centre and Tower.


    Instructors in receipt of certification for VV Approach