Targeted Scenario Training

The VV Simulator can be configured to present short scenarios targeting a single competency, phrase or control response. This is an extension of the simulation used in VV CompSep, which targets the response to a Compromised Separation event.

This approach differs from traditional training, in which learning outcomes are embedded inside lengthy simulator exercises. For learning outcomes that are broad and are underpinned by integrated derision making, such as sequencing efficiency, planning or traffic management, the traditional approach is best.

However a targeted approach is better for highly-specific, infrequent tasks that require a single phrase or HMI action. The candidate has an opportunities to experience these events repeatedly and is then able to integrate them effortlessly into full simulation.

This type of delivery is especially useful where airspace changes, introduction of new procedures, instrument approaches and runways require specialized training in the changes to existing procedures.

Examples are:

  • Response to emergency squawk;
  • Response to transponder outside required range;
  • Response to emergency transmission;
  • Issuance of correct phrasing for ATS procedure (STAR, Approach, Holding);
  • Response to non-compliance to procedure requirements such as an aircraft too high/low on Instrument Approach
  • Specific HMI actions for unusual events.

    Each scenario can be programmed for a duration of as little as 15 seconds, or when a correct response is received. A short report is presented on the screen after each scenario. Quiz questions may also be inserted into the scenario to check and reinforce knowledge.

    Sample Scenarios: (click to zoom)

    An example of testing non-compliance with a procedure; in this case maintaining centreline tracking in a PRM procedure;
    Example of the capability of inserting quizzing into scenarios. In this case, the trainee is being tested on interpretation of an AMAN display.
    In this scenario, the trainee is required to change the routing of an aircraft using a specific HMI function.
    The trainee has correctly completed the reroute function.
    In this scenario, the trainee must respond to a 7500 squawk with the correct phraseology
    The correct phraseology (which might be location specific) of "confirm squawking assigned code" has not been received. The trainee can choose to repeat the scenario or try a different one.

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