Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) Induction

Radar Simulation Lab

The VV Team are currently in Tianjin inducting CAUC instructors into the implementation of the VV Approach and VV Enroute training programs.

We were honored to be given a tour of the state-of-the-art Radar and Tower simulation labs.

In terms of trainee throughput, CAUC is one of the largest ATC training institutions in the world. The use of VV technology will allow CAUC to provide extra simulation and training resources to their students, this effecting a better outcome for graduates.

VV Simulator version 5.1 released

The latest version of the VV Simulator has been released and will be deployed with all new installations of VV courseware.

Enhancements include:

  • Incorporation of the Aircraft Pair Conflict Assessment (APCA) tool;
  • Reporting of student metrics through a network connection to a performance database;
  • Full back-compatibility with the VV Approach course.
  • Contact us for more details.

    VV Tower prototype completed

    A prototype of the VV Tower training technology has been completed by our friends at ThinkVR.

    Presented in breathtaking virtual reality, VV Tower is designed as a part-task and phraseology trainer in the ATC Tower environment. The product will also have the capability of providing targeted competency training in unusual events and emergencies.

    The VV team will be demonstrating the prototype to end users in the next few months to gain feedback that will inform the further develmont of the product. Contact us for more details.

    VV Tower

    Air Traffic Solutions at ATC Forum Dubai

    Mike Lockwood and Forster Breckenridge from Air Traffic Solutions will be demonstrating VV courseware at ATC Forum Dubai from May 7-9, 2018.

    Visit them at stand 6300 to see VV CompSep and VV Approach in action.

    VV Tower under development

    VV has teamed with interactive technology experts, ThinkVR, to commence development of a Virtual Reality (VR) ATC Tower phraseology and competency trainer. VR provides a mechanism for cost-effective, but immersive, visualisation of traffic scenarios, and improved training outcomes.

    The product is planned to be released for evaluation by interested ANSPs and other training providers in the second half of 2018. Contact us for details.

    2018 VVE Certificates handed out at PATTS

    For the second year, a competition in VV Enroute was conducted at PATTS College of Aeronautics as part of annual Foundation Day celebrations.

    The contest was hotly contested, and was won by Aryan Sombilon Delloson (pictured below, centre), who was presented his award by Engr. Joy Cosme G. Amores, Jr. Chairperson, BS Air Transportation (left) and Engr. Lorenzo L. Naval, Jr. VP for Academic Affairs (right).

    Aryan Sombilon Delloson receives first prize at the PATTS VVE Competition 2018


    The second and third prizes were awarded to Andrew Estos Pedroso and Luis Duamel Aguero Duque respectively (pictured below).


    Andrew Estos Pedroso receives second prize at the PATTS VVE Competition 2018.

    Luis Duamel Aguero Duque receives third prize at the PATTS VVE Competition 2018.

    VV CompSep version 1.1.3 released

    An update of VV CompSep designed especially for Airservices Australia has been released.

    Version 1.1.3 contains a new feature to allow the individual selection of particular scenarios. This feature will allow particular competencies to be reviewed and tested.

    In addition, the capability to train the speech recognition engine on ATC phrasing has been included. This will improve recognition and learning outcomes.

    Website outage

    Due to issues on our ISP servers we have suffered a website outage for the last two days. Whilst this is a rare event, we apologise for any inconvenience.

    Please note that this outage has affected our ability to receive email from our contact page. If you are awaiting a response from us, please try again on

    VV Simulator version 5.0 released

    The latest version of the VV Simulator has been released and will be deployed with all new installations of VV courseware.

    Enhancements include:

  • Implementation of functionality allowing individual exercises to have one or more selectable sub-scenarios that may be in any order. This will be of particular benefit in VV CompSep simulation, as particular conflicts may be selected in any order by the instructor for optimal learning outcomes;
  • Improved pilot interface, allowing command entry using speech recognition, touch-screen or keystroke entry. This will enable moderately busy terminal area positions to be simulated with a single pilot position;
  • Incorporation of alternative language inputs for speech;
  • Capability to 'skin' the simulator front end to mimic operational displays;
    Contact us for more details.

    Guangzhou Civil Aviation Academy expands

    The Civil Aviation Academy in Guangzhou, China currently provides a range of courseware in aviation management, planning and safety.

    It is planned that the academy will expand rapidly in the next two years to become a full aviation university.

    The VV team visited Guangzhou last week and were warmly welcomed by Mr Hu and Mr Zhang of the School of Airport Management. We concluded that VV software could have a role in enhancing the pool of knowledge currently held by teaching staff.