COVID-19 Response

Visual Vectoring has has suspended site visits and will be working from home as of today, Monday 16 March, until further notice.

During this time we will be looking at making elements of our course-ware available online for access by ATC trainees who are suffering an interruption to their studies.

More information to follow.

Product Development

In response to customer requests, the VV Team has been hard at work developing some additional training products which will target phraseology and language in emergency situations and other aspects of Terminal Area ATC. Expect further information on these in early 2020.

Partnership with Cognishift



VV have partnered with Cognishift Technologies to incorporate pronunciation checking into selected VV training products. This functionality will be able to compare expected phonemes for a particular word or phrase with those produced by the student. It will be of great benefit to users of VV courseware in the improvement of their pronunciation of standard and non-standard ATC phrases.

Installation at CAUC


Last month, VV training specialists visited the Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) in Tianjin to support the use of our training products: VV Enroute and VV Approach.
These products are installed on 180 CBT computers, and up to 600 CAUC students will be using them each year.

The VV Team were given a tour of the impressive Tower Simulation Lab (above), which contains a bank of 32 positions configurable for combined or individual training. It is the largest installation of its type in the world. In addition, a full 360 degree Tower simulation, which will make use of the latest LED technology, is under construction.

We look forward to assisting CAUC training exports in making best use of VV technology into the future.

Visit to Jilin

The VV Team has paid a visit to the Changchun ATC Station in Jilin, China to discus ATC training and other competencies.

The impressive Tower, which features a waterfall mural, houses the Approach and Tower training centres. The simulation was state of the art.

Like most airports in China, Changchun is experiencing significant traffic growth. Plans are being made to invest in more infrastructure to support the increased complexity and traffic levels.

We were warmly received and look forward to visiting again.

VV Management released

The development of the VV Management tool, used to organise and analyse student performance data, has been finalised. The newly released initial version is currently being tested by end-users.

The tool allows for:

  • Collection and collation of student simulation performance records using a LAN;
  • Student credential management;
  • Student path-tracking;
  • Analysis of data for comparison with previous performance, within the cohort and between cohorts;
  • Report generation.
  • VV Management is an invaluable tool for delivering VV technology, and will be included with selected upgrades and future installations.

    Visit to PATTS

    The Fighting Seahorse

    As part of our after-sales services, the VV Team visited Manila this week to discuss the continuing use of VV Enroute at PATTS ('Where Dreams take Flight')

    Issues covered include:

  • Effective assessment and resolution of audio problems;
  • Recording student performance information;
  • Proposed software upgrades and features;
  • Update procedures.

    Some 350 students currently use the software and the licence has been renewed for a fifth year. The highly professional PATTS teachers have provided some feedback that will be immensely useful in making VV Products even better.

    Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) Induction

    Radar Simulation Lab

    The VV Team are currently in Tianjin inducting CAUC instructors into the implementation of the VV Approach and VV Enroute training programs.

    We were honored to be given a tour of the state-of-the-art Radar and Tower simulation labs.

    In terms of trainee throughput, CAUC is one of the largest ATC training institutions in the world. The use of VV technology will allow CAUC to provide extra simulation and training resources to their students, this effecting a better outcome for graduates.

    VV Simulator version 5.1 released

    The latest version of the VV Simulator has been released and will be deployed with all new installations of VV courseware.

    Enhancements include:

  • Incorporation of the Aircraft Pair Conflict Assessment (APCA) tool;
  • Reporting of student metrics through a network connection to a performance database;
  • Full back-compatibility with the VV Approach course.
  • Contact us for more details.

    VV Tower prototype completed

    A prototype of the VV Tower training technology has been completed by our friends at ThinkVR.

    Presented in breathtaking virtual reality, VV Tower is designed as a part-task and phraseology trainer in the ATC Tower environment. The product will also have the capability of providing targeted competency training in unusual events and emergencies.

    The VV team will be demonstrating the prototype to end users in the next few months to gain feedback that will inform the further develmont of the product. Contact us for more details.

    VV Tower