Control Zone: Launching ATC training into the cloud

Learn anywhere with the Control Zone, the Learning Management System facilitating unprecedented access to practical ATC training.


Teach, connect, practice - wherever, whenever.

Discover the potential of a browser-based ATC training hub.

Multi-modal delivery

Teach your way - with capabilities for remote learning, on-site lab sessions, one-on-one instruction and everything in between.

Learn anywhere

Students can watch lessons, launch simulator exercises and participate in community discussions from any PC with internet access.

Freedom to change

Adapt to new training priorities and reallocate staff and resources to where they are needed most.


The sky's the limit

With Control Zone, there is no limit to the number of students who can access a practical ATC curriculum. By moving simulation away from specialised equipment and onto student computers, training providers can bypass the resource bottlenecks traditionally associated with early training. This greatly expands operational scope for ANSPs, while providing high-volume educational providers with an entry point into surveillance ATC.
Powerful tools

Administration made easy

Get more done with powerful administration tools that keep instructors out of the office and in the classroom.

Enrolment and cohort management

Create student accounts, manage cohorts and assign courseware in minutes - no IT experience required.

Customisable content

Adapt courseware as required, with support for user-generated quizzes, lessons, and learning modules.

Performance Tracking

Use visual tracking tools to quickly identify students who are at risk or in need of extension.

Data collection

Leverage robust data collection capabilities to validate courses, modify learning outcomes and compare performance within and between cohorts.

Report generation

Take advantage of the built-in report generation tools or create and export your own custom datasets and visualisations.


Configure results and reports to align seamlessly with established grading frameworks to ensure consistency and transparency.


Learn Together, Succeed Together

Student engagement is a crucial aspect of any eLearning platform. That's why the Control Zone comes equipped with a suite of optional community features, including: discussion forums, gamification elements, teleconferencing and messaging. Our aim is to foster dynamic learning communities that offer opportunities for enrichment and provide students with the support they need to thrive.

More components


Carefully curated video lessons and training exercises targeting essential skills in surveillance control

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The teaching simulator pioneering autonomous exercise delivery and performance monitoring – no oversight or specialised hardware required.

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