Managing delays into a busy aerodrome


VVStack™ is an Air Traffic Control trainer that extends the basic traffic processing skills learned in the prerequisite VVEnroute™ course. Concepts are presented using a step-wise delivery and skills are practiced on targeted simulator exercises, with feedback provided automatically. The course may be used as an extension to VVEnroute™, or for controllers with surveillance experience transitioning from a less congested environment.

Learning Outcomes

The objective of the learning process is to master the management of an inbound sequence to an arrival gate based on distance spacing or timing criteria. This encompasses the capability of choosing and executing the correct control strategy, which might include vectoring, speed control, holding, and assigning gate times to meet the defined goals. Efficient handling of holding traffic and the utilisation of an Arrivals Management system are pivotal to these learning outcomes.

Simulating Arrivals Management

hours of lesson content
hours of simulation
unlimited practice opportunities

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