A teaching methodology built for results

Bringing outcome-focussed skills training to the flexible learning space.


Learn by doing – a hands-on approach to online

Our video curriculum seamlessly integrates lessons and demonstrations with simulator exercises designed to put new concepts into immediate practice.

Pedagogically proven

A hands-on delivery framework addresses many of the difficulties associated with online learning by focussing on skill delivery and consolidation through practice.

See it in action

Lessons are brought to life by video demonstrations, highlighting key concepts, decision points and strategies in a practical context.

Scenarios fit for purpose

Maximum benefit is derived from simulation time, with exercises specifically aligning with the learning material, allowing for review and repeated practice as necessary.


By Controllers, For Controllers

Take advantage of a teaching philosophy rooted in decades of operational and instructional experience.

Visual by nature

We teach students to visually interpret traffic scenarios, equipping them them with the foundational skills that allow them to master advanced techniques more easily.

A systematic approach

Skills and techniques are taught using an algorithmic method, leading students through a systematic and presessive set of learning steps.

Unlimited practice

The access to on-demand simulation allows students to gain confidence and improve skills at their own pace, with review and further practice available when required.


Benefit from a different approach

Learn how the Visual Vectoring teaching platform can help to address some of the common challenges associated with traditional delivery.

Low-Pressure learning

Our technology allows students to master skills at their own pace, away from pressurised academy environments.

Structuring problem-based learning

The cognitive demand of real-time ATC work requires controllers to have a basis for the resolution of unfamiliar scenarios. Our courseware provides this framework, leading to efficient learning and better outcomes.

Unlocking potential

Our training removes learning barriers such as instructor bias, performance anxiety, personality conflicts, and peer pressure. The acquisition of solid foundational skills provide resilience to these factors for subsequent training.


A comprehensive curriculum at your fingertips

Select from a suite of courses delivering foundational skills training across a range of surveillance disciplines.

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Training thousands of prospective Approach Controllers how to manage a busy sequence to the runway.

Covering fundamental skills in surveillance control – ideal for students experiencing ATC for the first time.

Teaching the complex skill set required to manage an arrivals sequence with the use of holding, vectoring and time requirements.

A training capstone: teaching the simultaneous management of mixed departures and arriving traffic.

The most effective way to deliver targeted competency training for the response to a compromised separation event.

More components

Control Zone

The cloud platform delivering on-demand access to training content and powerful administrator tools.

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The teaching simulator pioneering autonomous exercise delivery and performance monitoring – no oversight or specialised hardware required.

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