Handling departing traffic from a busy aerodrome


VVDepartures™ is an Air Traffic Control trainer that provides skills pertaining to the processing of departing traffic that are that are complementary to those presented in the companion course, VVApproach™. Concepts are presented using an organised sequence of learning steps which explain the thought processes informing the required control decisions. Skills are practiced on targeted simulator exercises, with feedback provided automatically. As the culmination of the course requires the processing of both inbound and outbound aircraft, the course is most suitable as an extension of VVApproach™.

Learning Outcomes

Through an understanding of aircraft performance and an ability to apply correct control decisions, Graduates of VVDepartures™ will possess advanced skills in conflict recognition and resolution as applicable to departing traffic. The ability to safely and efficiently manage arrivals and departures simultaneously is key to the successful completion of the course, and an ideal preparation for real-world operations.

From takeoff to touchdown: The pinnacle of ATC training

hours of lesson content
hours of simulation
unlimited practice

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