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Visual Vectoring is the most effective way to deliver a practical ATC curriculum outside of specialised training academies. Our expert simulation courseware is fully scalable and accessible from any PC, providing you with the tools to deliver hands-on training in all learning scenarios.

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Lead the field with the practical ATC Curriculum built for online

Discover how our scalable simulation technology can transform teaching and unlock opportunities for your institution.

Hands-on training

Provide every student with access to industry standard simulation training at low cost and without the need for specialised equipment

Expert Courseware

Simplify curriculum design with a suite of readymade surveillance courses designed by experienced instructors.

Multimodal learning

Teach your way with a cloud delivery platform that supports remote learning, on-campus lab sessions and everything in between.

Simplified Administration

Utilise powerful tools to manage enrolments, track student progress, generate grading reports and more.

Easy Scaling

Deliver to one student or a thousand with standalone simulation and cloud delivery that scale with your training ambitions.

Pathways for Growth

Enhance industry standing and unlock strategic partnerships by providing training organisations with high-aptitude candidates.


What our Partners say

"VV Enroute was easily integrated into our curriculum and provides valuable skills training and phraseology practice for students preparing for the Phillipines Air Traffic Control program."
Ruffa Paycana - Coordinator, Aviation Communication
Philippine State College of Aeronautics
"Our partnership with Visual Vectoring has led to a change in the way Air Traffic Control instruction is conducted at the largest aviation universities in the world and has assisted in the training of over 4,000 students of ATC - the next generation of controllers.”
Ivy Liu - General Manager
Beijing Connected Vision Technology
"VV Enroute Training has been a popular elective of our Engineering and Technology Programs since 2014. The software helps our students acquire skills for air traffic management and prepares our graduates to qualify for the National Cadet Program for Air Traffic Controllers.”
Engr. Jose Eduardo S. Valdez - College President and COO
PATTS College of Aeronautics

Bringing practical ATC to higher education

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Flexible Delivery

The Control Zone: your cloud gateway to scalable simulation training.

Get to know the Control Zone, the learning management system providing students with anytime access to training and academics with time-saving administration tools.

Equity and Scalability

Provide unparalleled access to training with support for all learning modalities and the capability to deliver at any scale.

Freedom to customise

Modify courseware by mixing and matching Visual Vectoring learning modules or create your own teaching content on an easy to use interface.

Powerful administrator tools

Simplify course administration with advanced enrolment tracking, performance monitoring and data export utilities.


A Practical Approach To Online

Our hands-on courseware integrates video lessons and demonstrations with simulator exercises designed to put new concepts into immediate practice.

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Designed by Experts

Our courses are designed by experienced Air Traffic Control instructors, and are the result of years of observing the way students acquire the unique skills required in surveillance-based ATC.

Levelling The Curve

By standardising lesson content we ensure that all students benefit from the same modular courseware, designed to encourage smooth progression and level the often steep learning curve associated with ATC training.

Pedagogically Proven

Our "Learn, Observe, Do" teaching model is proven to increase student engagement with source material and improves skill-transfer when compared to other online delivery methodologies.


A complete surveillance curriculum

Visual Vectoring offers a range of courseware covering various surveillance streams and competencies. All courses are broken into discrete learning modules allowing for easy integration into academic calendars as well as the opportunity for content customisation. While many of our products are suitable for University students, we find that VV Enroute is the best starting point for institutions interested in delivering foundational ATC skills that can be built upon in subsequent training.
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Seeing real results with real people

Discover how Visual Vectoring is helping institutions like yours achieve their training goals.

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