Our curriculum provides new students and cross-stream trainees with foundational skills training in surveillance (radar) control. We offer a suite of courses that range in scope from highly targeted competency training to the detailed overview of entire ATC disciplines.

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Benefits to our ATC courses

A self-contained curriuculm

Our courses come ready packaged for immediate deployment, featuring proven training materials and a wealth of simulation exercises right from the start. This allows trainers and students to dive straight into the learning experience without the delays of content preparation or setup, maximizing efficiency and engagement.

Modular for flexibility

To address unique requirements related to local airspace, regional phraseology, or other training aspects, our courses are designed with modularity in mind. This allows for segments of the training to be chosen and complemented with custom material as needed. This adaptability ensures that our ATC training can be adapted to benefit students of all levels and their individual needs.

A hands-on approach

Our teaching methodology is a key component to our technology and represents a pedagogically robust way of imparting skills. Our courses employ a "learn, observe, do, refine" strategy that proves both efficient and effective in the training of practical ATC techniques.

Mastering english in aviation

With hours of narration in the aviation context, and speech-driven simulation requiring accurate phrasology, our technology helps with listening and speaking skills.This is an effective preparation for attaining English Language Proficiency levels.

Unlimited practice

Hands-on practice is an essential component of surveillance training. That's why VVsim not only provides round-the-clock access to simulation exercises, but also features randomisation, resulting in unlimited novel scenarios for practice and assessment.

The power of consistency

Delivering practical skills through eLearning guarantees a consistent foundational training experience for every student. This not only supports the step-by-step learning approach inherent to all our courses but also fosters a greater uniformity in control practices while in training. Over time, this translates to an enhanced level of operational standardisation across the organisation.

How our courses support ATC training

Our training courses cater to diverse organizational needs. Traditional ATC training providers can leverage courseware for instruction and standardization of foundational skills, expansion of simulation capabilities, targeted competency training or candidate selection. Other institutions might find find more value in delivering our content as a self-contained, practical curriculum. This is perfect solution for high-volume and/or remote learning scenarios with limited access to teacher oversight or specialised equipment.

Helping thousands of students around the world

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Training thousands of prospective Approach Controllers how to manage a busy sequence to the runway.

Covering fundamental skills in surveillance control – ideal for students experiencing ATC for the first time.

Teaching the complex skill set required to manage an arrivals sequence with the use of holding, vectoring and time requirements.

A training capstone: teaching the simultaneous management of mixed departures and arriving traffic.

The most effective way to deliver targeted competency training for the response to a compromised separation event.