At Visual Vectoring, our mission is to provide anytime access to simulation training without the need for human oversight or specialised equipment. Learn more about the tools and technologies powering our on-demand teaching system.

Expert Teaching

Our video curriculum is a dynamic, practice-led syllabus, seamlessly integrating lessons and demonstrations with simulator exercises designed to put new concepts into immediate practice. Courses are divided into bite-sized modules, incrementally building upon foundational skills and increasing in difficulty and scope.
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Standalone Simulation

No hardware simulator? No worries. Our fully-featured teaching sim utilises speech recognition to operate autonomously, delivering all exercises and tracking student performance without the need for human oversight.
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Flexible Delivery

Control Zone is the cloud platform facilitating access to practical simulation training from any PC, anywhere. Part delivery system, part teaching assistant, part learning community; it provides instructors with robust reporting and management tools and hosts interactive spaces for student collaboration and learning enrichment.
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