Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to commonly asked questions about Visual Vectoring and our technology. Can't find what you need? Get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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Who will benefit from Visual Vectoring training courses?
How is Visual Vectoring training delivered?
What are the hardware requirements?
Can we use our own airspace?
Where are you from?
There are simulators available online that are completely free to use. How is yours different?
Who is using your software?
How might Visual Vectoring Software be used for recruitment?
Does completion of your courseware result in a formal qualification?
Can your courseware be used for an ICAO 054 qualification.
What support do you offer for your clients?
What does Visual Vectoring Training content cover?
What are the foundational skills that are taught by your courses?
Can extra content be added?
Is the training completely formative, or are there summative elements to it?
What content is not covered by Visual Vectoring training?
Do you support regional variations in procedures and phraseology?
Is your courseware useful for English Language Proficiency?
What are the gamification elements?
I don't like the idea of gamification in the context of ATC training. Can I turn it off?
How does your training differ from traditional methods?
Is the LMS shared with other users?
How is your software delivered?
What computers are required?
Is our data safe on the LMS?
Do you offer a trial of the your products?
How much does it cost?
What are the terms of use?
I want to be an Air Traffic Controller. Can I use your software?
There are simulators available online that are completely free to use. How is yours different?
Can we use your simulator in another language, such as French or Spanish?
Can I use your simulator on a Mac, or on my phone?
Does your simulator work online?
Does the simulator have an AMAN system?
What aircraft profile data do you use?
Do you have a random traffic generator?
What programming language is used for your simulator?
Does the speech recognition function work well?
What performance metrics are measured and reported by the simulator?
Is the simulator configurable for metric altitude and distance measurement?
My company is interested in selling technology to existing clients in our local market. What is involved in this?
How is your technology implemented into a University/College course?
How is your technology implemented into a formal ATC training course?
The simulator looks skewed in simulation. How do I fix this?
How do I make the label font bigger?
What is the simulator password?