Fast track Approach Control training


VVApproach™ is an Air Traffic Control trainer for skills development in Terminal Area (TMA) sequencing and traffic management. It is ideal for use at the commencement of a radar (or surveillance) ATC course, or for candidates transferring to Approach from another ATC discipline.

Learning Outcomes

At completion of training, the student is required to efficiently manage a two minute landing sequence to a single runway for one hour. Given that extra spacing in any sequence is cumulative, accomplishing this task necessitates robust skills in projection, strategic planning, and decision making.

This traffic management target matches the world’s highest single runway acceptance rate and is attainable from a baseline of no prior knowledge or skill-set.

Training students for one of the hardest jobs in ATC

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Expanding Simulation at Hong Kong CAD with VVApproach

In 2011, Visual Vectoring partnered with Hong Kong CAD to increase access to early simulation. Since then, VVApproach has been in continuous use by ab initio and cross-stream trainees in preparation for further training in the complex and challenging Hong Kong Terminal Area.

More Courses

Training thousands of prospective Approach Controllers how to manage a busy sequence to the runway.

Covering fundamental skills in surveillance control – ideal for students experiencing ATC for the first time.

Teaching the complex skill set required to manage an arrivals sequence with the use of holding, vectoring and time requirements.

A training capstone: teaching the simultaneous management of mixed departures and arriving traffic.

The most effective way to deliver targeted competency training for the response to a compromised separation event.