Critical safety training for Air Traffic Control


Effectively training for the correct response to an impending loss of separation is difficult. Due to their infrequency, controllers seldom encounter such events, leaving them without a foundational experience to rely on. The element of surprise and unpredictability of these events makes them hard to replicate using traditional simulation. VV CompSep™ addresses both challenges by offering controllers endless unexpected scenarios. This allows for more efficient and cost-effective practice compared to conventional methods.

Learning Outcomes

Through the provision of a organised training structure and with the practice resources provided by the VV Simulator, candidates competing this course will be able to provide an effective response to a compromised separation event.

Competency Training

This course is an example of the use of Visual Vectoring technology to deliver competency training outcomes. Any ATC scenario requiring a specific phrase, control action, or interface interaction may be simulated on any airspace configuration with outcomes recorded and reported.Examples include radar identification of nil transponder aircraft, response to an emergency call and the correct label data processing on issuing a level change. Contact us for a bespoke solution to your competency training needs.

Improving Safety in Aviation

hours of lesson content
unique scenarios
controllers refreshed annually
case study

Enhancing Safety Competency at Airservices Australia

Since 2016, VVCompSep has been used in over 6000 check sessions, helping ASA to streamline their licence renewal process and freeing up valuable simulator and training resources.

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