Simulation that
stands alone

Introducing VVsimTM: the autonomous teaching simulator at the heart of on-demand ATC training.


Self-driving simulation

Independent exercise delivery and performance monitoring - no staff required.

Harnessing the power of speech

VVsimTM is powered by speech recognition and trains itself to understand every student, ensuring smooth operation, regardless of accent and delivery style.

Ready to go

Equipped with hundreds of pre-configured simulation hours sourced from cloud servers, VVsimTM is both plug-and-play and adaptable to your requirements.

Data collection as standard

Each exercise automatically generates hundreds of metrics available for subsequent analysis, monitoring of performance, and generation of reports.

Teaching Features

The ultimate teaching tool

More than a passive training environment - VVsimTM is built to hone surveillance skills and comes equipped with unique features and functionality to optimise the teaching process.

Unique features

Students can utilise an array of learning aides, including: real-time results display, visual representations of critical insights such as aircraft performance, and a rewind facility to allow correction of errors.

Unlimited practice

In addition to hosting all Visual Vectoring exercises, VVsimTM supports scenario randomisation allowing for extended, low-cost practice hours and enabling students to continually refine and perfect the competencies acquired through our courses.

Performance feedback

An inbuilt scoring system measures outcomes in a range of competencies, such as interface usage, separation and sequencing with a report generated after every exercise detailing areas needing improvement and providing advice for enhancing performance.

Helping thousands of students around the world

Up to 200
metrics recorded per exercise
simulator exercises completed in 2023
hours of simulation completed in 2023

Targeted scenarios in customised airspace

All VVsimTM exercises operate in neutral airspace designed for the acquisition and consolidation of core ATC skills. This approach ensures that our content is easily transferable - creating value for all of our partners and providing a solid foundation for students progressing to sector-specific training. If you require courseware featuring local airspace, please get in touch and our team will be happy to discuss your requirements.
Technical Specifications

Fully featured

In addition to its unique teaching features, VVsimTM provides functionality characteristic of a full system simulator, including:

  • Speech recognition and synthesis with customisable speech grammars
  • Support for different label block and interface display
  • Task trainer and primer capability
  • Support for use of sub-scenarios for competency training
  • Random traffic generator
  • Variable clock speed
  • Adjustable wind
  • Individual aircraft profiles
  • Radar mosaic mapping
  • Flight Data Processor
  • Customisable electronic strip windows
  • Programmable Arrivals Management (AMAN/Maestro) display
  • Conflict Alerting
  • Exercise events, such as runway closures, emergency alerts and aircraft requests
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