Flexible ATC Training for ANSPs and Training Institutions

Visual Vectoring self-contained simulation training is the perfect low-cost solution for delivering foundational surveillance material and targeted competency training in the academy environment. Our cloud teaching platform is accessible from any PC and operates without the need for instructor oversight or external equipment, offering unprecedented access to simulation and the flexibility to deliver on-site or as self-directed practice.

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How we can help

Expand access, improve outcomes & save money

We give you more access to practical training - which means,

Low-Cost Simulation

Dramatically reduce the cost of delivery per trainee with a training solution that scales independently without associated increases in hardware and staffing expenditure.

Improved outcomes (increased practice opportunity)

Provide unprecedented access to foundational simulation practice, allowing trainees to master core competencies in a low pressure environment and reducing the waste and expense of unsatisfactory fail rates.

Institutional Efficiency

Enhance the value use of your existing instructors and simulator infrastructure by replacing part of your training with our low-cost scalable platform, freeing simulator time and instructor expertise to be utilised for better outcomes.

Standardised Teaching

Ensure the consistency of early training by by providing every trainee with access to the same teaching material. Our foundational training is designed and developed by experts to foster uniformity in control practices, which translates to an enhanced level of operational standardisation across the organisation and provides a solid platform for instructors to improve upon.

Flexible Integration

Easily integrate Visual Vectoring into existing training, with modular courseware that can replace entire segments of foundational training or be pared down to target specific skills and competencies. Alternatively, deploy as a readily available practice resource alongside traditional delivery.

Admin Tools

Maximise the expertise of teaching staff by providing powerful administration tools that streamline course management, student tracking and performance monitoring - keeping instructors out of the office and in the simulator.


What our Partners say

"Visual Vectoring provided us with a complex, custom simulation package, allowing ATS to deliver high fidelity APP P training to our client. They are extremely responsive to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending VV products to any prospective customer."
Mike Lockwood - Managing Director
Air Traffic Solutions
"Our partnership with Visual Vectoring has led to a change in the way Air Traffic Control instruction is conducted at the largest aviation universities in the world and has assisted in the training of over 4,000 students of ATC - the next generation of controllers.”
Ivy Liu - General Manager
Beijing Connected Vision Technology
Who can benefit

Creating value for everybody


Improve outcomes, streamline resources and save money using a flexible platform that scales with your training needs.


Make the most of your expertise. We take care of basic skills delivery, allowing you to focus on the individual needs of each trainee.


Access expert lessons and master essential skills on a simulator that is available whenever it is needed.

Use Cases

One platform, many applications

Our flexible technology caters to a range of use-cases across the entire spectum of ATC training.

Foundational training

Packaged with organised instruction and access to unlimited practice, our introductory courses equip trainees with the basic skills and confidence they need to succeed in advanced training.

Cross-stream training

Whether transferring to a surveillance stream or a more complex environment, our courseware will help controllers enhance their skills in preparation for formal training.

Competency training

The vvsim is the perfect tool to facilitate low-cost practice in targeted competencies as part of regular assessments or for use in refresher/recurrent sessions.

Preselection and pre-training

Our scalable platform enables rapid instruction in core ATC skills,and automates candidate assessment, simultaneously providing a clear indicator of success and preparation for training.


Visual Vectoring courseware is ideal for managing a change to level of service provision by preparing rated controllers for working in the surveillance environment

Language proficiency

With extensive narration in the aviation context, and simulation requiring the use of clear and accurate phraseology, our technology offers trainees an opportunity for reaching English competency levels.

Case Study

Enhancing Safety Competency at Airservices Australia

Since 2016, VVCompSep has been used in over 6000 check sessions, helping ASA to streamline their licence renewal process and freeing up and freeing up valuable simulator and training resources.

A Comprehensive Curriculum at your Fingertips

Select from a suite of modular courses delivering skills training across a range of surveillance disciplines.

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Training thousands of prospective Approach Controllers how to manage a busy sequence to the runway.

Covering fundamental skills in surveillance control – ideal for students experiencing ATC for the first time.

Teaching the complex skill set required to manage an arrivals sequence with the use of holding, vectoring and time requirements.

A training capstone: teaching the simultaneous management of mixed departures and arriving traffic.

The most effective way to deliver targeted competency training for the response to a compromised separation event.

Helping ANSPs and ATC training institutions achieve their goals

ab initios trained since 2012
specialised courses
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