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Success through confidence

Visual Vectoring is built on the notion that confidence is the key to success. We believe that trainees who are afforded the opportunity and practice resources to master fundamental skills will reliably thrive, even in the most stressful academy environments. That’s why we have committed to providing institutions with effective, targeted simulator training, available whenever and wherever students need it most.


Changing the way we train

No two students share exactly the same background, abilities or approach to learning, and it is critical that training takes this into account. Our vision is to transform the way foundational skills are delivered, empowering instructors and institutions to focus on providing the personalised support and guidance so crucial to student success.


Achieving together

Our goals are your goals. We are proud to have assisted ANSPs around the world improve candidate selection and increase the efficacy of early training – all while reducing the waste and expense of unsatisfactory fail rates. We are equally passionate about providing unprecedented practical training opportunities for our university partners, working together to shape the study pathways of tomorrow.

Who can benefit

Creating value for everybody


Improve outcomes, streamline resources and save money using a flexible platform that scales with your training needs.


Make the most of your expertise. We take care of basic skills delivery, allowing you to focus on the individual needs of each student.


Access expert lessons and master essential skills on a simulator that is available whenever it is needed.

Introducing on-demand
simulation training

How it works

Explore the tools and technologies powering the world's most flexible ATC teaching platform.

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How we can help

Learn how Visual Vectoring can transform training at your institution.

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Our Founders

At Visual Vectoring, air traffic control expertise runs in the family. Meet the father-son partnership dedicated to improving training outcomes for a new generation of ATC professionals.

Ainslie Rowland

Executive Director
QualificationsDipAv, 35 years ATC
Following a long career as an Air Traffic Controller, during which he performed a range of roles including Centre Coordinator, Ainslie transitioned to a position as an Academy instructor. There, he envisioned ways to help his students to succeed by enhancing skills delivery using structured training. Consequently, Ainslie developed a method of teaching students to naturally interpret traffic scenarios visually, rather than relying on memory or calculations. Students would quickly learn to intuitively recognise and execute control decisions, the most critical being vectoring. This is Visual Vectoring, a pioneer training philosophy which was first realised with the development of VVApproach. Today, Ainslie remains dedicated to refining and expanding both current and new courses using the same VV philosophy.

Michael Rowland

Managing Director
QualificationsCertTng, DipAv, GradDipAvHuFac, BSc, BA, MDataSc, 18 years ATC
As an operational ATC, Michael held endorsements in Procedural Area, Oceanic, Radar Enroute, Flow, and Radar Approach and also performed roles in performance checking, on-the-job training, and academy instruction. When asked by Ainslie to develop a tool “that students could practice on”, Michael drew on his programming skills to build the VV Simulator, a key component of all Visual Vectoring courses. Two decades later, he now oversees the ongoing development of VV technology and is steering the company towards emerging challenges and opportunities.