VV Hexagon™: ATC Aptitude Tester

The VV Hexagon™ is a tool for the assessment and selection of prospective Air Traffic Control trainees. It may also be used as a team-building exercise for Air Traffic Controllers and trainees. Candidates are responsible for one of a networked group of up to six sectors into which aircraft are introduced at a settable rate. The platform is configured for use across a wireless network. Speech recognition may be used, but full touch-screen functionality is available on tablet computers. Separate parameters define the level and tracking requirement for each aircraft. In particular, an aircraft may be required to be vectored to a destination inside another sector. This process involves negotiation between neighbouring controllers to ensure separation.
Tasks required: Aircraft must be maintained at levels within the vertical band allowed, and vectored within airspace boundaries. Attributes Tested
  • Scanning
  • Projecting in three dimensions
  • Heading Selection
  • Numerical interpretation
  • Ability to comply with rules
Tasks required: Aircraft must be separated with each other vertically or laterally. Attributes Tested
  • Scanning
  • Assessment of Movement
  • Projecting and Planning
Tasks required: Aircraft must be processed to a destination. This will often involve handing responsibility for the aircraft to a neighboring candidate, negotiating appropriate tracking and levels, and planning the process for optimum efficiency. Attributes Tested
  • Flightpath Planning
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Communication Skills

The candidates may be presented with a series of questions which require them to seek information from other candidates and enter data correctly into a dialog. This feature provides testing of:

  • Information sourcing
  • Information entry
  • Interrupt testing
The VV Hexagon™ provides a means whereby cognition and teamwork skills can be imparted and assessed in a very short timeframe. Candidates are evaluated on the very skills required to be an Air Traffic Controller, resulting in a more robust selection process.
A range of parameters may be set to change the task complexity from a very simple to extremely busy and complex. These parameters include:
  • Aircraft Speed
  • Aircraft Climb/Descent Rate
  • Addition Rate
  • Range of Useable Levels
  • Combination of Start and Destination Points
During scenario execution the clock-speed may be adjusted dynamically to vary difficulty according to the candidates' level of performance.
The VV Hexagon™ is available to ANSP providers and organisations providing ATC training and selection services. Contact us for more information.