Development of Simulation for CAD Timor Leste

The VV Team is developing simulation for ATC staff at CAD Timor Leste, as part of a transition to new airspace and route structures.

The simulator includes options for standalone, semi-standalone and full networked delivery, and uses speech recognition to reduce the workload for pseudo-pilots. Training will be delivered by the expert team at Air Traffic Solutions.

Pilot Interface for the VV Simulator

VVD Primer Demonstration

This is a short movie demonstrating the Primer functionality that has been incorporated into the VV Simulator and included as part of the upcoming VV Departures course. The student is required to complete ATC actions and interface updates to an on-screen script. This promotes prompt and accurate HMI, and reinforces the use of correct phraseology and procedural knowledge.

VV Departures Development

The development of VV Departures, an add-on to the VV Approach course, is nearing completion. This product teaches the management of departing SID traffic of varying performance, with complexity increasing as airspace restrictions and arriving aircraft are added into the simulation. The formulation of Release Approvals, prioritization, coordination separation, and Interface skills are the key learning outcomes of the product.

A release is expected in September 2021.

Third VV installation completed in China

Subject matter experts have completed a third installation of VV course-ware in China, which included both the VV Approach and VV Enroute programs.

After the successful induction of local trainers in Chengdu, a relaxing time was enjoyed at a local teahouse (above).

Refining Aircraft Trajectories for Simulation

We have been working on improving aircraft profile trajectories in our simulator, and have used ADSB data to model real aircraft performance against the published Eurocontrol data.

Of initial interest is the climb and descent performance in the Terminal Area. We analyzed over 10 million squits from 32,000 flights grouped by type and came up with some interesting conclusions.

The full report can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Using ADSB data for improved modelling of aircraft initial climb performance for ATC simulation

Online Simulator Development

Earlier this year, the VV team made large parts of our course-ware available free-of-charge to ATC trainees affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Over four hundred students from ten different countries have used our technology over this period.

We used the Microsoft Clickonce technology to deliver our PC-based simulator from an online Learning Management System. This technology requires a large initial download and has other well-known shortcomings.

We are now looking at using different techniques to deliver simulation across the web that will enable full performance measurement reporting into the LMS, as well as gamification and other great features.

We are in late development at the moment and plan to have a testing platform available in September 2020.

VV Plus Evaluation

The VV Team have been working on applying our expertise in ATC procedures and Speech Recognition technology to create an English language trainer designed specifically for controllers.

The product is called VV Plus (Phraseology and Language in Unusual Situations) and targets the interpretation of radio exchanges, particularly non-standard and unstructured transmissions.

VV Plus contains pronunciation, speaking, listening and interpreting tasks.

The initial version is for Chinese speakers, and is under evaluation in China. Find out more in this information video (Chinese narration):

Free Access to Courseware

Visual Vectoring has been looking at ways to support our clients and the wider ATC industry during these times when training is becoming more difficult to deliver.

We have invested some effort into porting our instructional and simulation content to be accessible online. This has been made available to our existing clients.

We have taken the further decision to allow access to much of this courseware, free of charge, to prospective or current ATC trainees who may have had their careers delayed or interrupted. We are hoping that our technology will be a welcome and constructive use of their time and will also accrue some benefit when training is resumed.

It is anticipated that access will be available for the next six months, and includes formative training in Enroute/Area surveillance control (VV Enroute) and Terminal Area surveillance control (VV Approach).

This offer is available on request. If you are interested in gaining access, please contact us.

Note that instructional content can be viewed on any device, but an English Language Windows PC is required for simulation. If you are an instructor and would be interested in monitoring student performance, we'd be happy to set up a portal for you within our LMS.

COVID-19 Response

Visual Vectoring has has suspended site visits and will be working from home as of today, Monday 16 March, until further notice.

During this time we will be looking at making elements of our course-ware available online for access by ATC trainees who are suffering an interruption to their studies.

More information to follow.

Product Development

In response to customer requests, the VV Team has been hard at work developing some additional training products which will target phraseology and language in emergency situations and other aspects of Terminal Area ATC. Expect further information on these in early 2020.