Screen Aspect Ratio

The VV Simulator map needs to be displayed with the correct Aspect Ratio (width:height) or angles (compass bearings) will not be correct.

When the simulator is downloaded, a default aspect ratio default is set at 16:9, which should be correct for most displays.

To check a display, an aspect ratio map is supplied with most introductory exercises. Open it and check that the circle is round to ensure the correct aspect ration has been selected.

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Speech Recognition Issues

Provided it is set up correctly, and the correct phrases are used, speech recognition should operate at close to one hundred percent. It has been tested on users from many backgrounds and with varied accents.

Click here to view the manual chapter on setting up speech recognition.

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Speech Synthesis Stops Working

If you are experiencing issues when Speech Synthesis stops partway through an exercise, this is commonly caused by the speech recognition causing a streaming issue.

This can often be resolved by enabling the PTT Clear Lockups function in the Speech tab of the Setup Window.

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Add Extra Synthesis Voices

The VV Simulator makes use of defined voices that are known to be compatible. Other voices are readily added, but this involves a process that must be done on our server. Contact us if you would like to experiment with different voices.

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