VV Approach™


VV Approach™ is a computer-based training system in surveillance/radar Approach Control, and teaches the sequencing of jet and turbo-prop aircraft to a single runway with a high degree of accuracy. The course allows students to develop highly intuitive visual techniques, applicable to a range of dynamic traffic scenarios, that are readily transferable for operations in any airspace.

Whilst VV Approach™ is designed for abintio students, it is may be used for experienced controllers transferring to Approach Control from Tower or Enroute/Area, or for candidate selection.

Highlights of VV Approach™:

  • Over 30 hours of video lessons and demonstrations provide an expert, cumulative model for vectoring and sequencing to a runway in the surveillance environment. The overall methodology describes processes for scanning and projection, which informs the planning and implementation of a robust traffic management strategy.
  • Over 100 hours of simulation are provided, affording a level of practice that is rarely available in ATC training. Simulator exercises are closely linked to lesson content.
  • Student tracking and simulator performance information is collected and stored, enabling instructors to continuously monitor progress and improve training outcomes. Simulator performance metrics can be analyzed and reported.
  • Courseware may be delivered in a laboratory/CBT environment or through a cloud-based Learning Management System. The capability of remote and self-paced learning is fully supported. Optional gamification elements such as leaderboards and badges are available.

Over 2,000 controllers, students and trainees from seven countries have completed VV Approach™

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