VV Approach™ is a unique computer-based Air Traffic Control training system. It promotes the development of highly intuitive visual techniques that are easily learned and applied to a range of dynamic traffic scenarios.

Highlights of VV Approach™ (ANSP Edition) include:

An interactive computer-based training system that presents to the student an expert, step-wise model for vectoring and sequencing in a surveillance environment.

A portable and self-contained simulator providing opportunities for practice that have never before been available in ATC training.

Student Tracking and Performance Metrics that enable ANSPs and other training providers to continuously improve training outcomes.

The best way to learn...

The VV Approach™ course is an interactive computer-based training system that presents concepts and techniques in a logical and structured fashion. These concepts and techniques may be reviewed as required, and then practised using the built-in simulator program.

This provides a self-paced environment enabling the student to master each skill before moving on to the next. VV Approach™ is portable and self-contained (CD ROM or DVD ROM), providing opportunities for practice that have never before been available in ATC training. Students are not subject to the pressures of having to master concepts in the high-pressure instructor-based simulator environment. This also eliminates some of the negative impacts such training can have on a student's learning.

On completion of the VV Approach™ course, the student is able to proceed to instructor-based and sector-specific training with a much higher probability of success.

It is emphasised that VV Approach™ does not teach only the theory of vectoring, it teaches the practical skills required to actually perform the function.

This is "the best way to learn..."

...the best way to do the job.

VV Approach™ is an Air Traffic Control training system that was developed in response to a perceived lack of standardised and efficient training techniques for Air Traffic Controllers. The VV Approach™ concept has evolved over some years, as the developers have sourced their own experiences as both Air Traffic Controllers and Instructors, as well as various training techniques from the major Air Traffic Control training centres around the world.

VV Approach™ is a robust, step-wise model for the task of radar/surveillance vectoring and sequencing and represents "... the best way to do the job."

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