VV Enroute™ - ATC Simulator and Radar Skills Trainer

VV Enroute™ is a Windows-based Air Traffic Control trainer that is the best PC-based ATC training tool available.

The VV Enroute™ program provides basic skills development instruction and explanatory material that will enable students to lean to manage intense and challenging traffic scenarios in a real Enroute/Area Control environment. It is ideal for deployment at the commencement of a radar (or surveillance) ATC course, and will reduce training times and failure rates - and their associated costs. Skills taught include:

  • Vectoring;
  • Conflict recognition and resolution;
  • Application of radar/surveillance separation;
  • Sequencing;
  • Interface usage;
  • Multi-tasking;
  • Scanning.

VV Enroute™ provides many hours of challenging traffic scenarios on four platforms: Basic MAZE, Complex MAZE, GRID and DIAMOND. In the early scenarios the traffic complexity is selectable - aircraft may be added as the student becomes confident to handle them. Later scenarios present structured traffic flow but it can be dynamically changed to add variety and to provide exposure to a wide range of configurations. A random traffic generator is included to provide an infinite variety of traffic flow for skills development.

The program includes a choice of regional airlines, to allow local preferences for aircraft callsigns to be selected in simulation. This enables familiarity with the telephony likely to be required for local traffic to be developed. Metric and imperial measures of distance, height and speed are available.

On all platforms traffic levels and complexity rise as progress is made through the simulator exercises. The portable and modular nature of the training package makes it suitable for delivery in a classroom or computer laboratory environment, or for learning in private. The training is self-paced.


The VV Simulator as implemented in VV Enroute™ has been designed to support the acquisition of traffic management skills in a radar (or surveillance) environment. For this reason, a range of learning tools not normally present in operational systems is included. These include:

  • Task Trainer functionality
  • Task completion prompts;
  • Scoring functionality;
  • On-screen feedback of sequencing and separation performance.

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