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Lesson and Demonstration Material


MAZE Vectoring Training:


Details the theory of turning an aircraft using standard radio transmissions. Heading selection and timing of the turn by reference to visual cues on the screen are shown. Then, the correction of turns in progress that are not achieving a desired result is taught, again using standard control phrases.

Basic MAZE Training Training for Basic MAZE:


The theory of vectoring is applied to practical traffic on a simple maze. Critical aspects of heading selection and timing of turn are covered. No separation between aircraft is detailed at this stage, the aircraft in simulation are all at fixed, unchangeable altitudes/levels.

Complex MAZE Training Training for Complex MAZE:


The training and practice maze has a crossover within which the use of vertical separation is required. Two simulator exercises, the second significantly more difficult than the first, give ample opportunity to develop vectoring and separation skills.

Training for GRID Training for GRID vectoring:


Conflict recognition between two crossing aircraft and sound routines for vectoring one in a manner that assures separation whist incurring minimum delay. A range of display actions such as aircraft acceptance and hand-off and are introduced.

GRID Demonstration GRID Demonstration


A screen-capture movie of the simulator during the performance of the first of the GRID exercises, with controller/pilot audio and overlays of text and graphics to relate actions to the theory lesson.

MAZE Sequencing lesson, 2 aircraft on the same track:


Teaches the basic control techniques for setting the distance spacing between two aircraft. Alternative methods are explained to enable students to accommodate for differing traffic and airspace configurations.

GRID Sequencing lesson, 4 aircraft on different tracks to a common gate:


All traffic and track configurations are considered and sound techniques for achieving accuracy in spacing are taught. Complex vectoring is required.

DIAMOND DIAMOND traffic demonstration:


A screen-capture of one of the simulator exercises from the forthcoming practice list, with audio and overlying graphics.


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