VV CompSep™ - Training for recovery from a loss of separation event

VV CompSep™ is a training module that deals with occasions on which two aircraft are, for whatever reason, suddenly observed on surveillance/radar to be in a situation where separation has been or is about to be lost and serious danger of collision exists.

The typical timeframe examined is between thirty and ninety seconds from intercept. Click to find out more.

Training for these critical conflicts is rarely carried out to great depth in traditional ATC training. Click to find out more.


What VV CompSep™ means to ATC Service Providers and Controllers

The possibility of a controller mismanaging a loss-of-separation event and failing to prevent a collision between aircraft is of major concern. Providing suitable training in the necessary resolution techniques is very difficult to do, as mentioned above. Maintaining a high level of expertise compounds the problem. An exposure to a small number of conflicts as part of a currency-renewal process simply does not prepare controllers for the extreme nature of a potential collision at short notice.

The implementation of VV CompSep™ provides ANSPs with the following:

  • Reduced risk to the organisation
  • Reduced training costs
  • Better training outcomes
  • VV CompSep™ offers a unique and cost-effective solution to the problem. Click to find out how.

    Visual Vectoring believes that the possession of high levels of proficiency in handling the most stressful of control scenarios and being able to practice them will make the controller’s job less stressful. That alone is of enormous benefit to both the controller and their employer.

    Module structure

    VV Training Model

    VV Training Model

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