VV CompSep™

VV CompSep™ - Training for recovery from a Compromised Separation event

VV CompSep™ is a training module that teaches the response to a scenario in which two aircraft are observed on surveillance/radar to be subject to an imminent loss of separation and are in danger of collision. The precursors to such a scenario, which may include pilot non compliance, adverse weather or controller workload, are not the subject of this course. Rather, the tactical response to the Compromised Separation (CompSep) event, including the selection and delivery of a correct control response, appropriate use of traffic information, and the considerations of TCAS, are taught in detail.

Having learned the skills underlying a correct CompSep response, the student has the opportunity to practice them on over 100 different scenarios. Each conflict pair is sequentially presented on the Air Situation Display without warning, thus effectively simulating the element of surprise. For each scenario, a report is generated showing the separation outcome achieved by the controller/student compared to that which would have been achieved without any intervention.


The possibility of a controller mismanaging a loss-of-separation event and failing to prevent a collision between aircraft is clearly a major concern. Providing suitable training in the necessary resolution techniques, and maintaining expertise in these skills is challenging due to the costs involved and the difficulty in generating the element of surprise. These are rare events, and exposure to a small number of conflicts as part of a currency-renewal process does not prepare controllers to provide an automatic response under the extreme stress of a CompSep event..

The implementation of VV CompSep™ provides ANSPs with the following:

  • The reduction of risk to the organisation.
  • Reduced training costs.
  • Better training outcomes.

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