University of South Australia Doubles ATC Course Enrolment with Visual Vectoring Training.

University of South Australia Doubles ATC Course Enrolment with Visual Vectoring Training.

As an all-in-one solution, with on-demand simulation, cloud delivery and a flexible curriculum, VV Enroute was the ideal option for providing students with an insight into ATC operations.

The University of South Australia (UniSA) delivers highly popular and well-known programs in aviation, offering flight training in the form of degree qualifications in key aviation disciplines. In particular, Air Space Management (ASM), is offered as an elective in several programs. It covers international and domestic rules of the air, practices and procedures related to different areas of control, air traffic management technology and future development, and basic aeronautical knowledge.

Due to the decommissioning of ageing ATC simulators, the UniSA academic team needed an alternative means of delivering practical ATC content in the ASM course. Maintaining the hands-on simulation aspect would enhance the value of the ASM course, making it more attractive by offering students a genuine glimpse into ATC operations. Following an evaluation, UniSA academic staff proposed that several modules of the VV Enroute would be suitable for this purpose.

As VVE is bundled with instructional content, students were able to access teaching without the requirement of additional instructor hours. Moreover, since installation of the software was made on UniSA’s existing hardware, no additional computers would be required. Instead, due to the ease of use with the software, the added simulator availability enabled twice as many students to be able to undertake the subject.

The program was launched in July 2023 and hosted on our cloud-based learning management system. The weekly two-hour practical simulation sessions were conducted in the computer lab at UniSA’s Mawson Lakes campus, supervised by one instructor for each class of twenty. The students were also given the opportunity to continue their studies in their own time by performing extra simulation exercises on personal computers at home or with the use of PCs in UniSA computer labs.

At commencement, Visual Vectoring worked with the academic team to customise the simulator’s reporting system to align with UniSA’s grading requirements. In addition, some minor changes were made to exercise characteristics so that the students could better perform in their simulations. Six extra custom simulation exercises were built for use as assessment items.

The implementation of Visual Vectoring technology into UniSA courseware has been a great success. We are proud to have our technology feature as part of one of the premier aviation Universities in Australia and look forward to working together into the future.