VV to provide Airservices Australia with Compromised Separation Response Training Technology

Posted: 9 December 2016

Visual Vectoring has signed an agreement with Airservices Australia to provide competency-based Compromised Separation response training (VV Compsep) to Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) in both the Enroute and Terminal Area environments.

A compromised separation event is when there is a likelihood that without immediate action the minimum required separation standard between two aircraft will not be maintained.

The VV Compsep tool has been developed by VV based on industry feedback. The computer-based simulation enables ATCs to practice their verbal and cognitive responses to compromised separation events in a safe environment. The VV CompSep program presents to the ATC a sequence of scenarios, each of which requires an immediate response in the form of precise trajectory-changing instructions to one or both aircraft. Speech recognition technology brings added realism to the process.