Introducing the VV HMI Primer

The VV Human Machine Interface Primer (HMIp) is a part-task trainer designed to automate basic skills training on a modern Air Traffic Control interface.

The HMIp presents an unfolding traffic scenario which is overlaid with scripted prompts specifying the actions required to be performed by the trainee. These actions may be related to interface interaction or air traffic control instructions.

The VV development team have completed a draft version of the program as proof-of-concept. Click here to download a sample movie showing the technology in action. Note that the interface on which the movie is presented is a neutral one that can be readily adaped to any modern system.

This movie shows a non-radar scenario in class-G airspace. As aircraft flight evolution events such as taxi and departure occur, the interface and control actions required of the trainee are specified and tracked. The HMIp will give the trainee an opportunity to automate these actions, and practice them to perfection.

The script may later be removed from the display so the trainee is required to perform actions without prompting. A score is generated at the end of the scenario and full reporting of performance is available.

In subsequent training, core skills have been mastered, freeing up cognitive space to acquire more complex control skills. The trainee has attained unconscious competence in basic interface usage and traffic management without the need for costly simulator time.

Development on the HMIp is ongoing.