Visual Vectoring travels to Hong Kong to discuss ATC surveillance training

Posted: 7 May 2024

Visual Vectoring has visited the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department’s (HKCAD) training center at the Chek Lap Kok International Airport to discuss an expanded role for VV technology in HKCAD’s Air Traffic Control training courses.

HKCAD was the earliest adopter of VV Approach (VVA), first using it in 2011. Since then, VVA has been regarded as an invaluable tool to equip trainees with the unconscious visual skills needed to achieve a rating on the extremely complex Hong Kong Approach airspace. During the meeting, hosted by Mr T.M. Wong (Senior Training Manager, HKCAD), discussions centered around suggested improvements to the program, as well as the potential implementation of other VV products in the Enroute and safety training areas.

Discussions of this sort underscore HKCAD’s commitment to optimizing their enviable ATC training programs. At Visual Vectoring, we are committed to contributing our expertise to enhance these capabilities further and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership.

Pictured, left to right, are Ken Lam (Training Officer Approach 2), Danny Tsui (Training Officer Enroute), Michael Rowland (VV Managing Director) and Steve Lo (Training Officer Approach 1).