VV Speech Starter released

Posted: 12 March 2024

As part of our commitment to address performance issues identified by our clients, the development team have produced a new application, the Visual Vectoring Speech Starter (VVSS). As part of each of our products, we have provided speech recognition training and capability aimed specifically at ATC English phraseology. Some users have given us feedback that these tools have reduced effectiveness for heavily accented users. In response, we have developed the new VVSS tool, which allows training of individual words that target all of the phonemes required. Training on longer phrases remains available. This process should streamline the training and result in more accurate speech recognition outcomes. VVSS also simplifies the process of recording and playing back of audio input to identify external sound issues, and provides the capability of training using custom scripts.

All users of our technology now have access to the VVSS tool, and we are hoping that this will improve the effectiveness of our products.