Altitude Assignment

The instruction by the controller to a pilot requiring him or her to fly the aircraft in level flight at, or to climb or descend to, a specified altitude. The Assigned Altitude is called the Cleared Level, and is recorded in the VV Simulator in the aircraft’s label display.

Applied TFC

A record of the traffic advice issued to aircraft in a Compromised Separation event.

1 denotes that traffic has been issued to the first aircraft in the pair;
2 denotes that traffic has been issued to the second aircraft in the pair;
B denotes that traffic has been issued to both aircraft;
N denotes that no traffic was issued.

Approach Control

That phase of the control of an aircraft’s progress to a landing that occurs within specified airspace surrounding an airport. In the VV Approach course that airspace is contained within 30 nautical miles of the airport, and above altitudes that rise as distance increases.

Around the world, Approach Control is also called Terminal Control, Terminal Area Control and TRACON.