Discussing Future Directions at PATTS

Posted: 11 March 2024

It has been four years since the Visual Vectoring team has had the opportunity to visit our friends at the PATTS College of Aeronautics in Manila. PATTS students have been using our training technology for nearly ten years, and it is always instructive to meet with Academic staff as we are able to gain insights into the specific factors that contribute to the success of our partnership.

Present at the meeting (pictured below left to right) were Engineer Jose Eduardo Valdez – College President and CEO, Attorney Anna Katrina Cruz – Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Visual Vectoring Managing Director Michael Rowland, Engineer Joy Cosme Amores Junior – Vice President for Academic Affairs and Doctor Emelita Javier – Vice President for Student Affairs.

Following a discussion on the effective usage of our software, the benefits that the students have accrued and future opportunities, we took a tour of the Visual Vectoring lab, which has been set up with corrals to prevent background noise issues during simulation. Later, we enjoyed a delicious lunch of Filipino cuisine (including some interesting condiments). Another fantastic visit to PATTS – it will not be as long until our next one.